Floating Bed

The Problem

  • A bed which prevented the door into the bedroom opening fully.
  • A difficult shaped room with sloping ceilings which meant my client was often walking into the legs of the bed and stubbing their toes while trying to avoid banging their heads.
  • A heavy but very comfortable mattress which was set below the bed frame which made changing the sheets difficult and annoying.

The Brief

  • Design and build a ‘floating’ bed, suitable for the existing mattress.
  • Incorporate space for hidden storage underneath.
  • Make it ‘toe safe’ so that toes are not stubbed on it and it does not become an obstacle to be avoided in the room.

The Design & Solution

Floating  The bed base is thin and exactly the same size as the existing mattress.

Storage space  The legs are also slim and there is space between them for storing things, but when viewed from the end the items are not visible.

‘Toe safe’  The legs are recessed 40cm from the end of the bed and 25 cm from the side of the bed making them very hard to reach with your toes!

Headboard  I designed the storage in the room and made the split cupboard doors function as a head board too.

HINT: If you have a small or awkwardly shaped bedroom, a bed with recessed legs and a base which sits totally under the mattress will mean you have less chance of bumping your toes and even legs. Try searching for a ‘shallow divan base’.

HINT: If you have trouble making your bed think about getting a bed base where the matress sits totally on top of the base and is not recessed into the base.

The Execution

Other people involved – a chartered engineer and construction consultant who provided advice about contruction techniques.

My role in the execution

    • I researched beds to see if there was an off the shelf bed which would fit the brief.
    • I designed the bed, consulting other experts to make sure it would be robust and stable.
    • I built the bed, delivered it and put it together on site.

The Result

  • A new contemporary floating bed.
  • A fully opening bedroom door.
  • No stubbed toes!

The Cost

This was part of a larger conversion which I designed and project managed, but as a standalone project this bespoke bed would probably cost in the region of £2000.

    • Alice Clare Studio: Design, materials and fabrication: £2000.

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