Shepherd’s Hut Shower

The Problem

  • Shower and laundry facilities for a bijou holiday shepherd’s hut were in a shared building.
  • Covid-19 protocols meant it was desirable to offer guests facilties in a dedicated building. 

The Brief

  • To design and oversee the build and installation of a luxury shower room and laundry room adjacent to the shepherd’s hut.
  • Make space for a hot water cylinder, combination washing machine/drier, large shower, generous basin and toilet.
  • Keep the design in keeping with the existing shepherd’s hut and not look like an ‘add-on’.
  • Use as much of the clients existing ‘things’ saved from previous projects as possible.
  • Complete before re-opening of holiday accommodation in the summer of 2020.

The Design & Solution

I worked closely with the clients to produce a design which balanced the need for short build time with the aesthetics of the existing space.

Aesthetic  The existing shepherds hut was oak with a corrugated iron roof. The oak was very rustic and weathered and matching it would have been difficult (if not impossible) and time consuming. Therefore I clad the new part of the hut in corrugated iron, which is a traditional material. Separating the two parts at the front made construction easier, made the change in materials look deliberate and made more head room in the shower.

Re-using materials  I love using things clients already have and this project was very special for that. Careful planning meant I knew everything which would be reused before any new items were purchased and was able to make sympathetic purchases.

Completion  The timeline was considered from the start so all choices for construction, materials and finishes were based on short lead times. This meant most of the purchases were off the shelf and in stock, and were ordered in good time. Good communication during the design stage meant that the interior and construction designs were complementary and there were no difficulties or delays towards the end of the project due to conflicting designs.

HINT: Do not be afraid to reduce, reuse and recycle! Well cared for quality vintage items add astomphere and personality to a room. You can balance them with the modern and the new to create a lovely personal finish.

HINT: If you are on a tight timescale a professional designer/project manager can really help keep things to schedule. They will have usually seen it all before and should be able to pre-empt many problems.

HINT: In rented accommodation always consider how robust and easy to clean something will be as well as how good something looks. Everything in this shower room can be quickly and easily cleaned and will resist wear and tear.

The Execution

Other people involved – a plumber, a joiner, an electrician and a painter. Due to Covid, a lot of construction work was also carried out by the clients themselves.

My role in the execution


    • I led the design meetings, identified the key contraints for the project and drew together ideas into one final design.
    • I produced the final layout design while consultung regularly with the clients who were planning the construction methods in parallel. 
    • I chose all the fixtures, finishes and flooring, where possible selecting from the clients own ‘stock’ which included
      • a pink toilet
      • parts of an antique marble washstand
      • off cuts of existing vinyl flooring
      • the mirror
      • the door and door furniture.
    • I seemlessly mixed these with a modern rainhead shower and wash basin, and traditional vertical matchboard which was inkeeping with the existing shpeherds’ hut. We also used lots of the clients’ reclaimed timber for the lobby area.
    • I designed how these ‘left over’ items could be re-purposed, which included purchasing and paint stripping sink brackets and working out where to drill the marble to accommodate a tap.

The Result

  • A new contemporary and stylish shower room, filled with character, in keeping with the existing shepherd’s hut.
  • Happy and Covid safe guests!

The Cost

A lot of the work was carried out by the clients themselves, but an estimate of the cost of the work is around £9000.

    • Alice Clare Studio: Design, project supervision and practical assitance, about £2000
    • Cost of installation and materials: about £7000

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